5 Events in Utah This Summer You Can’t Miss

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Looking for fun summer events in Utah? Check out these 5 exciting events you can’t miss from Robert Lammle of Utah:


  1. Utah Arts Festival – The Utah Arts Festival is a 4-day event featuring over 140 visual artists, more than 100 performing and arts groups and about 20 culinary artists. Founded in 1977, the event has attracted over 2 million people, 4,500 performances and 3,600 artists’ displays for 30+ years and running. It’s the state’s biggest outdoor multi-disciplinary arts event and has earned many international, national and local awards. The festival will be held June 25 to 28 at Library and Washington Squares in Salt Lake City.


  1. America’s Freedom Festival – America’s Freedom Festival is a private, non-profit and non-political foundation that organizes many annual patriotic events in and around Provo, Utah. Their most popular event is Stadium of Fire, which is one of the largest Independence Day celebrations in the United States. The event has been popular for more than 30 years and annually draws thousands of people from around the country and the world to Brigham University.


  1. 7th Annual Brewfest – On June 13 and 14, the Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort in Snowbird, Utah will be holding their 7th Annual Brewfest, where 18 local and national breweries will each be sampling 3 to 5 of their finest brews. Some of the featured breweries include Lagunitas Brewery Co., Wasatch Brewery, Angry Orchard Hard Cider, Bohemian Brewery, Samuel Adams Beers and Leinenkugel’s. You can sample your favorite beers while listening to live music.


  1. Wasatch Wildflower Festival – At the Wasatch Wildflower Festival, you can enjoy tons of spectacular wildflowers and learn about their diversity through a guided tour. The event is a collaboration between the Alta Community Enrichment and the Cottonwood Canyons Foundation, and it seeks to provide a fun environment for learning about wildflowers in the Cottonwood Canyons. The festival will be held July 25 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


  1. Eyes to the Sky Balloon Festival – From June 19 to 21, watch as 25 hot air balloons launch and fly over the most beautiful valley in Utah at the Eyes to the Sky Balloon Festival. The 3-day festival features balloon launches every morning, as well as a country showdown talent contest, street dance, craft and food venders, poker, bingo and horseshoe tournaments, live entertainment, the famous Balloon Glow, and many other exciting activities.


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What Can You Do With Your Pharmacy Degree?


Working as a pharmacist is a very rewarding career. As discussed in our previous blog post, pharmacists are given the opportunity to work directly with patients and help them get well. Pharmacists also benefit from endless job opportunities and the job’s growing demand. Pharmacist Robert Lammle of Utah thinks these reasons make earning your pharmacy degree even more worthwhile.

While working in a pharmacy is one of the most common jobs people pursue with a pharmacy degree, there are tons of job opportunities out there. In addition to local pharmacies, pharmacists can work in hospitals, nursing homes, schools and colleges, managed care facilities or federal agencies. They can also explore the fields of pharmaceutical sales or pharmaceutical research.

Let’s take a look at some of the many career options you can pursue with a pharmacy degree:

1. Retail Pharmacy – Retail or community pharmacists work at pharmacies in drug stores or grocery stores. They enjoy great salaries and benefits and get the opportunity to work with lots of patients one-on-one. Because these pharmacies are located in shopping centers or high traffic areas, people can come into the pharmacy and speak to a pharmacist at their convenience. Pharmacists perform immunizations, health screenings and other clinical services, as well as dispense medications and offer advice on over-the-counter medications.

2. Clinical Pharmacy – Clinical pharmacists perform similar tasks as retail pharmacists but work in a hospital or medical care facility. They function as part of a healthcare team and work with physicians, nurses and other medical professionals. They use their extensive knowledge of pharmaceuticals to establish pharmaceutical plans for the facility, determine the right medications and doses for each patient, and oversee the pharmaceutical dispensing systems and patient records.

3. Pharmaceutical Research – Pharmaceutical researchers typically work in a laboratory setting and collaborate with scientists to research and develop new drugs. They work as part of a research team to study how drugs affect the human body and interact with other drugs. They also design and conduct experiments and contribute to clinical trials.

4. Pharmaceutical Sales – Pharmaceutical sales representatives work for pharmaceutical companies to market and sell their products to healthcare facilities so they can be prescribed to their patients. Representatives create demonstrations and sales plans, provide information about the drug and how it is used, and offer samples.

5. Academic Pharmacy – Academic pharmacists work as faculty members in colleges and universities and provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in the field. They can also be involved in pharmaceutical research, writing and publishing a book, pharmaceutical consulting, or public service.

How will you utilize your pharmacy degree?

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Top 5 Reasons to Become a Pharmacist


Do you love helping people and enjoy learning about science and medicine? If you answered yes to these questions, then you should consider becoming a pharmacist. Being a pharmacist is a very rewarding profession. Not only are you providing people will the medications they need to be healthy, but also you are also interacting with patients one-on-one. In addition to dispensing medications, pharmacists perform immunizations, health screenings and medical reviews. Using their extensive knowledge of pharmaceuticals, their side effects and how they interact with other drugs, pharmacists also offer advice on over the counter medications and help patients find the best medication to treat their illness or condition.

Here’s why Utah pharmacist Robert Lammle enjoys being a pharmacist:

1. Work directly with patients – Through the wide range of services pharmacist provide, they get to work with patients directly. Many pharmacies are located in high traffic areas, such as shopping centers or near grocery stores, which make them very accessible. People can easily pop in at their convenience and speak to a pharmacist without having to schedule an appointment. Because pharmacies are so accessible, pharmacists get the opportunity to interact with tons of patients throughout the day.

2. Help people – As previously stated, pharmacists have a deep knowledge of pharmaceuticals, their side effects and how they interact with other drugs. Pharmacists also have a vast knowledge of different diseases, illnesses and conditions and know what kinds of medications work best. By understanding patients’ symptoms, they can help them choose the right medication for them and best avoid any side effects. They also help people get well through offering the best drug and non-drug therapies for a patient based on their health history, illness and age.

3. Endless opportunities – Pharmacists enjoy a wide range of career opportunities. While many pharmacists work in drug stores, they can also work in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and managed care organizations. Pharmacists also have the option to work in various other pharmaceutical fields, such as pharmaceutical sales or the research and development of new drugs.

4. Growing demand – Along with the endless career opportunities pharmacists can enjoy, there is a strong demand for pharmacists. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, pharmacists will experience a 17% job growth between 2008 and 2018. This is attributed to a growing demand for the services pharmacists provide.

5. Respected – By being becoming a pharmacist, you are joining a well-respected profession. Pharmacists are trusted by their patients, and the job is consistently rated as one of the most trusted professions by Gallup.

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Top 5 Winter Activities to Enjoy in Utah This Winter


Known as “the greatest snow on earth”, Utah is the nation’s leading winter vacation spot. The state is teeming with top-rated ski and snowboard resorts, where you can enjoy the breathtaking view of Utah’s canyons and mountains as you shred down the slopes. In addition to its world-class ski resorts, there are also tons of other activities travelers should enjoy this winter, like snowshoeing and tubing.

Check out the top 5 activities to enjoy in Utah this winter from Robert Lammle.

• Skiing & Snowboarding – With an average annual snowfall of 500 inches, Utah is a haven for skiers and snowboarders. Its home 14 world-class ski resorts and some of the world’s most challenging slopes. But, if you’re not an experienced snowboarder or skier, Utah also has easy slopes the whole family can enjoy. If you’re traveling from out of state, there are tons of ski resorts located within an hour of the Salt Lake City International Airport.

• Snowmobiling – What better way to enjoy Utah’s breathtaking landscape than by snowmobiling through the backcountry? Experienced snowmobilers can adventure through top-rated trails. If you’re new to snowmobiling, you can rent a machine and take a guided tour through Utah’s scenic trails.

• Snowshoeing – Snowshoeing continues to grow in popularity throughout the United States. It’s an exciting, active, and relatively inexpensive activity people of all ages can enjoy. Utah has many terrains for snowshoeing, which are perfect for beginners and snowshoe enthusiasts. If you don’t have your own, you can rent snowshoes at your local ski resort.

• Tubing – Another exciting winter activity you must experience is snow tubing. It’s a perfect family activity. It’s more fun than sledding and you don’t have to trek back up the hill. Ski resorts throughout Utah offer tubing.

• Sleigh Riding – Experience the magic of winter on a sleigh ride. This activity is perfect for families or couples seeking romance. Horses will guide your sleigh through Utah’s beautiful, snowy landscape.

How will you experience Utah this winter?

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3 Must-See Destinations in Utah

Zion National Park

Zion National Park

Utah is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Known for its breathtaking beauty, Utah is teeming with stunning canyons, mountains, valleys, and waterfalls, and is a prime spot for all sorts of outdoor recreation like hiking, fishing, skiing, biking, rafting, and golfing. Home to five national parks, 43 state parks, and seven national monuments, you won’t run out of exciting places to visit.

Pharmacist Robert Lammle loves Utah for its unsurpassed beauty and fun outdoor activities. Here are three of his favorite destinations in the state for visitors and residents alike to explore.

1.  Zion National Park – Located in southwestern Utah, Zion National Park is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream. Zion is Utah’s oldest park (designated in 1919) and features unbelievable canyons, caves, cliffs, and hiking trails, which are visited by people from all over the world. The park is also particularly attractive to serious rock climbers, with its many sheer walls and challenging cliffs. Zion receives nearly 3 million visitors each year, making it the state’s most visited park.

2.  Bryce Canyon– There is nowhere quite like Bryce Canyon. Here, you’ll see the spectacular Hoodoos, which are odd-shaped pillars of rock created by forces of erosion and geological change. The canyon has thousands of these pillars and cliffs. Despite being called a canyon, Bryce is actually a collection of large natural amphitheaters situated along the eastern side of the Paunsaugunt Plateau in southwestern Utah.

3.  Antelope Island State Park – Located about 41 miles north of Salt Lake City is the hidden gem known as Antelope Island State Park. Antelope is the largest island in the Great Salt Lake, from which you can enjoy the most incredible views of the Wasatch Mountain range. Take in the scenery as you hike, mountain bike or horseback ride the park’s trails or meander along its sandy beaches. The island is also home to free-roaming bison, bighorn sheep, deer, pronghorn antelope, and many species of birds.

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Will Pharmacy Automation Replace the Pharmacist?


When it comes to counting and dispensing pharmaceuticals, pharmacy automation really comes in handy. It helps pharmacies manage, store and distribute their patient’s medications, providing a fast and safe way to dispense medications. Pharmacy automation robotic systems can count, cap and label prescriptions. They can store and track customer information as well as over 200 medications.

This innovative system has transformed the pharmaceutical industry. But will pharmacy automation actually replace the pharmacist?

Utah pharmacist Robert Lammle says no. And here’s why.

While pharmacy automation systems can effectively store information and count and dispense pills, there are many tasks these systems can’t complete. They can’t diagnose a patient, recommend treatments, or write prescriptions. They can’t interact with patients or healthcare providers, manage antibiotic therapy or dictate charts. And unlike these systems, pharmacists are pharmaceutical experts. They are trained to know everything there is to know about medications, their side effects and how they interact with other drugs.

Additionally, in most pharmacies a pharmacist is always available to offer medical advice and many provide walk-in clinics. People can just walk into a pharmacy and ask a pharmacist to recommend over-the-counter medications like for colds and flu and aches and pains. Pharmacists also help patients monitor their progress on medication and offer advice on lifestyle changes to increase positive results. While some people believe we’ll have flying cars in the next 50 years, people will never rely on a machine to recommend and monitor their medications.

In fact, by performing tedious tasks for a pharmacist, pharmacy robotic systems free up more time pharmacists to spend with their patients. Pharmacy automation systems just make it easier for pharmacists to perform other duties. And, these robotic systems reduce the amount of time patients have to wait in line to pick up their medications. Thus while they make the pharmaceutical industry more productive, pharmacy automation will not take away jobs. These machines will certainly not replace the pharmacist altogether.

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Improving Pace of Play on the Golf Course


In the last PGA Tour, the issues of slow pace of play frustrated fans and players alike. Whether it’s a professional tour or just a friendly afternoon round, slow pace of play takes the fun out of the game. According to a recent article, the vast majority of golfers named slow play as the largest factor in taking away from their enjoyment, and 50% said slow play caused them to walk off the course in frustration. Four hours is the acceptable time frame for an 18-hole course, and golfers should meet that maximum standard.

Robert Lammle, a golf enthusiast in Utah, says the key to combating slow pace is players must be prepared and ready to play when it’s their turn. Playing at a brisk pace is proper golf etiquette and it’ll keep your muscles loose. While golfers are not encouraged to rush their shots, they should use their waiting time to get ready for their next stroke and to plan their strategy. Here are some of Lammle’s tips for improving your pace of play on the golf course.

  1. Choose the correct tees for your skill level. – To promote a brisk pace on the golf course, the PGA and USGA have sponsored the “Tee it Forward” initiative, which encourages players to use the correct set of tees for a faster, more enjoyment game. Using the wrong set of tees adds strokes and time.
  1. Use the group in front and behind you to measure your pace. – If you see the group at the hole ahead of you moving on, it’s time to speed up your pace. Do not leave a hole’s distance between you. Also, if the group behind you is ready to move on, don’t let your pace hold them up. Hit your shot within 20 seconds of reaching your tee to maintain a brisk pace of play.
  1. Don’t travel as a pack. – All the members of your group should not walk together to each ball. Instead, each person should walk right to his or her own ball to save time. Also, if two golfers are sharing a golf cart, the second player should drop off the first player at his/ her ball. The second player should then head to his/her ball, and the first player should walk to the cart after hitting.
  1. Plan ahead. – As your walking to your ball, think about your next shot. When you reach your ball you won’t have to spend a lot of time planning your shot.

In addition to players taking these steps to improve their pace, golf facilities should reconsider how they send off golfers. By adding more time in between groups, the course will avoid backups and more players can play the course.


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The Advantages of Pharmacy Automation Systems


Patients expect the most from their healthcare provider and pharmacist. At some health care centers, patients spend more time in line or in the waiting room than they do with an actual doctor. To improve patient care services and reduce waiting time for patients, many pharmacies across the country have utilized new technology that eliminates the tedious process of counting, measuring, and dispensing pharmaceuticals.

Modern pharmacy automation systems have been around for two decades, but they continue to improve as new software and technological advances become available. These pharmacy automation systems and robotics automate the repetitive, day-to-day tasks completed by pharmacists and other health care providers. They help pharmacies and other health facilities administer, store and distribute their pharmaceuticals. The time pharmacists spend performing tasks like counting tablets or capsules can be allocated elsewhere, like to more one-on-one time with the patient.

Today pharmacies and hospitals of all sizes benefit from automation technology. The system not only ensures less waiting time for patients, but also it creates a safer and more efficient prescription dispensing process. These systems can count, label, and cap prescription vials, making them ready for easy pick-up. They can also store customer information, track medications, and manage inventory. And, they can store over 200 medications.

Cross-contamination is a concern of these machines, but it is preventable because they use separate cells for different pharmaceuticals. Many robotics, such as the RxMedic Automated Dispensing System, include photo-verification systems that digitally record all the prescriptions it fills. This system can also fill prescriptions after hours, making it beneficial to both the patient and the staff. Pharmacies with IVR will find their prescriptions filled and capped for their patient when they open the following day. This makes it highly advantageous for high volume and drive-thru pharmacies.

Pharmacist Robert Lammle utilizes pharmacy automation to ensure his patients receive the service and security they deserve. An experienced pharmacist in Salt Lake City, Utah, Lammle’s pharmacy provides a speedy checkout process to allow more personalized one-on-one time with patients.

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Sneiter’s Bluff Golf Course

Playability: The course would be suitable to high and mid-level handicappers but does not offer much to low handicappers. There is little speed to the greens and most putts are straight with little to no break. Greens were narrow some holes with very little room to land an approach shot.

Variation: There was very little variation in hole layouts. The only difference between holes were the yardage variations. As mentioned, very little variation in green contours.

Landscape: For a course that has been in use for over 20 years, there were very few mature trees so that when you hit an errant shot, you still likely had a shot into the green so errant shots were not penalized fully. There were a few holes with water hazards but very few and they did not really come in play.

Conditions: Course was in good shape with a few areas that needed some repair, which were marked. They do a good job of marking hazards as well.

Challenge: Not much of a challenge for low handicappers. As I said, there is no variation in the greens and the only difficulty on some of them is that the greens were incredibly narrow as they had the pin located in spots that were six paces for the entire width of the green.

Price: $40 on a Sunday. There are better courses for the money in the area namely Glen Eagle. It might be a bit more, but the course is more challenging and in a bit better condition.

Additional notes: You had better watch out for range balls on the first and second holes. The retaining fence on the range is not high enough to keep balls from peppering the first fairway so that is an accident waiting to happen. In fact, you had better keep your eye on your tee shot as it is likely to get lost in the plethora of balls in the fairway. The second hole tee box is unguarded at the end of the driving range so any long hitters might well be knocking one on your noggin. You would think that they would have addressed this by now??

The name of the course puzzles me. Bluff? I was expecting that during our round, we would encounter some vista, hence the name bluff, but the course is a former wheat field so there is no bluff whatsoever. Why not call it ocean view? It sounds nicer and it is equally misleading.

Remember: If you suck at golf, suck fast.

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Sneiters Riverside

This is my first blog about golfing in Utah.  My goal is to play every course in Utah and I will be adding reviews over the next few months as I have played about 80 of the 122 courses.  I am currently a 14 handicap so keep this in mind.

Played this course on Sunday.  First note, DO NOT FOLLOW GOOGLE MAPS!  Google maps will lead to I84 and announce your arrival.  You can see the course from the highway but use another resource rather than Google.

I was pleasantly surprised by the course as my only other reference was Pebblebrook and that is not much of a course, if you want to call it a course.  The course was a little crowded and could have used a marshal to help speed up slower players but we were called to tee box as soon as we bought that big bucket of range balls…go figure.

The course was in good shape and the greens were fairly well maintained.  There were a lot of mature trees so missing the fairway resulted in bogey or worse.  Not a lot of long holes so even though I am not a long driver, I found myself using mostly 3 and 5 woods off the back tees.  Not a particularly difficult course in terms of navigation but there were a couple of holes where hazards were not apparent so a little course history would have been appreciated.

The slope rating was low regardless of which tee box was played so I didn’t see much of a difference between tees.  I don’t think the course has enough length, variation or green difficulty to challenge top notch players but players of my caliber will have a nice time.  The course is fairly forgiving  and errant shots can usually be played back into fairway.  In some cases, I found that I actually had a decent shot at the green.

Overall, not a bad course.  I thought the price compared to the difficulty of the course was a little much as there are better values in the state but the crowd would beg otherwise.

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