Improving Pace of Play on the Golf Course


In the last PGA Tour, the issues of slow pace of play frustrated fans and players alike. Whether it’s a professional tour or just a friendly afternoon round, slow pace of play takes the fun out of the game. According to a recent article, the vast majority of golfers named slow play as the largest factor in taking away from their enjoyment, and 50% said slow play caused them to walk off the course in frustration. Four hours is the acceptable time frame for an 18-hole course, and golfers should meet that maximum standard.

Robert Lammle, a golf enthusiast in Utah, says the key to combating slow pace is players must be prepared and ready to play when it’s their turn. Playing at a brisk pace is proper golf etiquette and it’ll keep your muscles loose. While golfers are not encouraged to rush their shots, they should use their waiting time to get ready for their next stroke and to plan their strategy. Here are some of Lammle’s tips for improving your pace of play on the golf course.

  1. Choose the correct tees for your skill level. – To promote a brisk pace on the golf course, the PGA and USGA have sponsored the “Tee it Forward” initiative, which encourages players to use the correct set of tees for a faster, more enjoyment game. Using the wrong set of tees adds strokes and time.
  1. Use the group in front and behind you to measure your pace. – If you see the group at the hole ahead of you moving on, it’s time to speed up your pace. Do not leave a hole’s distance between you. Also, if the group behind you is ready to move on, don’t let your pace hold them up. Hit your shot within 20 seconds of reaching your tee to maintain a brisk pace of play.
  1. Don’t travel as a pack. – All the members of your group should not walk together to each ball. Instead, each person should walk right to his or her own ball to save time. Also, if two golfers are sharing a golf cart, the second player should drop off the first player at his/ her ball. The second player should then head to his/her ball, and the first player should walk to the cart after hitting.
  1. Plan ahead. – As your walking to your ball, think about your next shot. When you reach your ball you won’t have to spend a lot of time planning your shot.

In addition to players taking these steps to improve their pace, golf facilities should reconsider how they send off golfers. By adding more time in between groups, the course will avoid backups and more players can play the course.


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The Advantages of Pharmacy Automation Systems


Patients expect the most from their healthcare provider and pharmacist. At some health care centers, patients spend more time in line or in the waiting room than they do with an actual doctor. To improve patient care services and reduce waiting time for patients, many pharmacies across the country have utilized new technology that eliminates the tedious process of counting, measuring, and dispensing pharmaceuticals.

Modern pharmacy automation systems have been around for two decades, but they continue to improve as new software and technological advances become available. These pharmacy automation systems and robotics automate the repetitive, day-to-day tasks completed by pharmacists and other health care providers. They help pharmacies and other health facilities administer, store and distribute their pharmaceuticals. The time pharmacists spend performing tasks like counting tablets or capsules can be allocated elsewhere, like to more one-on-one time with the patient.

Today pharmacies and hospitals of all sizes benefit from automation technology. The system not only ensures less waiting time for patients, but also it creates a safer and more efficient prescription dispensing process. These systems can count, label, and cap prescription vials, making them ready for easy pick-up. They can also store customer information, track medications, and manage inventory. And, they can store over 200 medications.

Cross-contamination is a concern of these machines, but it is preventable because they use separate cells for different pharmaceuticals. Many robotics, such as the RxMedic Automated Dispensing System, include photo-verification systems that digitally record all the prescriptions it fills. This system can also fill prescriptions after hours, making it beneficial to both the patient and the staff. Pharmacies with IVR will find their prescriptions filled and capped for their patient when they open the following day. This makes it highly advantageous for high volume and drive-thru pharmacies.

Pharmacist Robert Lammle utilizes pharmacy automation to ensure his patients receive the service and security they deserve. An experienced pharmacist in Salt Lake City, Utah, Lammle’s pharmacy provides a speedy checkout process to allow more personalized one-on-one time with patients.

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Sneiter’s Bluff Golf Course

Playability: The course would be suitable to high and mid-level handicappers but does not offer much to low handicappers. There is little speed to the greens and most putts are straight with little to no break. Greens were narrow some holes with very little room to land an approach shot.

Variation: There was very little variation in hole layouts. The only difference between holes were the yardage variations. As mentioned, very little variation in green contours.

Landscape: For a course that has been in use for over 20 years, there were very few mature trees so that when you hit an errant shot, you still likely had a shot into the green so errant shots were not penalized fully. There were a few holes with water hazards but very few and they did not really come in play.

Conditions: Course was in good shape with a few areas that needed some repair, which were marked. They do a good job of marking hazards as well.

Challenge: Not much of a challenge for low handicappers. As I said, there is no variation in the greens and the only difficulty on some of them is that the greens were incredibly narrow as they had the pin located in spots that were six paces for the entire width of the green.

Price: $40 on a Sunday. There are better courses for the money in the area namely Glen Eagle. It might be a bit more, but the course is more challenging and in a bit better condition.

Additional notes: You had better watch out for range balls on the first and second holes. The retaining fence on the range is not high enough to keep balls from peppering the first fairway so that is an accident waiting to happen. In fact, you had better keep your eye on your tee shot as it is likely to get lost in the plethora of balls in the fairway. The second hole tee box is unguarded at the end of the driving range so any long hitters might well be knocking one on your noggin. You would think that they would have addressed this by now??

The name of the course puzzles me. Bluff? I was expecting that during our round, we would encounter some vista, hence the name bluff, but the course is a former wheat field so there is no bluff whatsoever. Why not call it ocean view? It sounds nicer and it is equally misleading.

Remember: If you suck at golf, suck fast.

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Sneiters Riverside

This is my first blog about golfing in Utah.  My goal is to play every course in Utah and I will be adding reviews over the next few months as I have played about 80 of the 122 courses.  I am currently a 14 handicap so keep this in mind.

Played this course on Sunday.  First note, DO NOT FOLLOW GOOGLE MAPS!  Google maps will lead to I84 and announce your arrival.  You can see the course from the highway but use another resource rather than Google.

I was pleasantly surprised by the course as my only other reference was Pebblebrook and that is not much of a course, if you want to call it a course.  The course was a little crowded and could have used a marshal to help speed up slower players but we were called to tee box as soon as we bought that big bucket of range balls…go figure.

The course was in good shape and the greens were fairly well maintained.  There were a lot of mature trees so missing the fairway resulted in bogey or worse.  Not a lot of long holes so even though I am not a long driver, I found myself using mostly 3 and 5 woods off the back tees.  Not a particularly difficult course in terms of navigation but there were a couple of holes where hazards were not apparent so a little course history would have been appreciated.

The slope rating was low regardless of which tee box was played so I didn’t see much of a difference between tees.  I don’t think the course has enough length, variation or green difficulty to challenge top notch players but players of my caliber will have a nice time.  The course is fairly forgiving  and errant shots can usually be played back into fairway.  In some cases, I found that I actually had a decent shot at the green.

Overall, not a bad course.  I thought the price compared to the difficulty of the course was a little much as there are better values in the state but the crowd would beg otherwise.

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