The Advantages of Pharmacy Automation Systems


Patients expect the most from their healthcare provider and pharmacist. At some health care centers, patients spend more time in line or in the waiting room than they do with an actual doctor. To improve patient care services and reduce waiting time for patients, many pharmacies across the country have utilized new technology that eliminates the tedious process of counting, measuring, and dispensing pharmaceuticals.

Modern pharmacy automation systems have been around for two decades, but they continue to improve as new software and technological advances become available. These pharmacy automation systems and robotics automate the repetitive, day-to-day tasks completed by pharmacists and other health care providers. They help pharmacies and other health facilities administer, store and distribute their pharmaceuticals. The time pharmacists spend performing tasks like counting tablets or capsules can be allocated elsewhere, like to more one-on-one time with the patient.

Today pharmacies and hospitals of all sizes benefit from automation technology. The system not only ensures less waiting time for patients, but also it creates a safer and more efficient prescription dispensing process. These systems can count, label, and cap prescription vials, making them ready for easy pick-up. They can also store customer information, track medications, and manage inventory. And, they can store over 200 medications.

Cross-contamination is a concern of these machines, but it is preventable because they use separate cells for different pharmaceuticals. Many robotics, such as the RxMedic Automated Dispensing System, include photo-verification systems that digitally record all the prescriptions it fills. This system can also fill prescriptions after hours, making it beneficial to both the patient and the staff. Pharmacies with IVR will find their prescriptions filled and capped for their patient when they open the following day. This makes it highly advantageous for high volume and drive-thru pharmacies.

Pharmacist Robert Lammle utilizes pharmacy automation to ensure his patients receive the service and security they deserve. An experienced pharmacist in Salt Lake City, Utah, Lammle’s pharmacy provides a speedy checkout process to allow more personalized one-on-one time with patients.

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