Sneiter’s Bluff Golf Course

Playability: The course would be suitable to high and mid-level handicappers but does not offer much to low handicappers. There is little speed to the greens and most putts are straight with little to no break. Greens were narrow some holes with very little room to land an approach shot.

Variation: There was very little variation in hole layouts. The only difference between holes were the yardage variations. As mentioned, very little variation in green contours.

Landscape: For a course that has been in use for over 20 years, there were very few mature trees so that when you hit an errant shot, you still likely had a shot into the green so errant shots were not penalized fully. There were a few holes with water hazards but very few and they did not really come in play.

Conditions: Course was in good shape with a few areas that needed some repair, which were marked. They do a good job of marking hazards as well.

Challenge: Not much of a challenge for low handicappers. As I said, there is no variation in the greens and the only difficulty on some of them is that the greens were incredibly narrow as they had the pin located in spots that were six paces for the entire width of the green.

Price: $40 on a Sunday. There are better courses for the money in the area namely Glen Eagle. It might be a bit more, but the course is more challenging and in a bit better condition.

Additional notes: You had better watch out for range balls on the first and second holes. The retaining fence on the range is not high enough to keep balls from peppering the first fairway so that is an accident waiting to happen. In fact, you had better keep your eye on your tee shot as it is likely to get lost in the plethora of balls in the fairway. The second hole tee box is unguarded at the end of the driving range so any long hitters might well be knocking one on your noggin. You would think that they would have addressed this by now??

The name of the course puzzles me. Bluff? I was expecting that during our round, we would encounter some vista, hence the name bluff, but the course is a former wheat field so there is no bluff whatsoever. Why not call it ocean view? It sounds nicer and it is equally misleading.

Remember: If you suck at golf, suck fast.

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