Sneiters Riverside

This is my first blog about golfing in Utah.  My goal is to play every course in Utah and I will be adding reviews over the next few months as I have played about 80 of the 122 courses.  I am currently a 14 handicap so keep this in mind.

Played this course on Sunday.  First note, DO NOT FOLLOW GOOGLE MAPS!  Google maps will lead to I84 and announce your arrival.  You can see the course from the highway but use another resource rather than Google.

I was pleasantly surprised by the course as my only other reference was Pebblebrook and that is not much of a course, if you want to call it a course.  The course was a little crowded and could have used a marshal to help speed up slower players but we were called to tee box as soon as we bought that big bucket of range balls…go figure.

The course was in good shape and the greens were fairly well maintained.  There were a lot of mature trees so missing the fairway resulted in bogey or worse.  Not a lot of long holes so even though I am not a long driver, I found myself using mostly 3 and 5 woods off the back tees.  Not a particularly difficult course in terms of navigation but there were a couple of holes where hazards were not apparent so a little course history would have been appreciated.

The slope rating was low regardless of which tee box was played so I didn’t see much of a difference between tees.  I don’t think the course has enough length, variation or green difficulty to challenge top notch players but players of my caliber will have a nice time.  The course is fairly forgiving  and errant shots can usually be played back into fairway.  In some cases, I found that I actually had a decent shot at the green.

Overall, not a bad course.  I thought the price compared to the difficulty of the course was a little much as there are better values in the state but the crowd would beg otherwise.

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